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Grade 10:A Tribute to Benevolence – National Day Charity Concert by MFP Club

October is a season of harvest and hope. On the afternoon of September 30th, MFP Club held the 2018 National Day Charity Concert in the Outpatient Hall of Shanghai Children's Medical Center (SCMC). Ms. Ji Qingying, the Deputy Director of SCMC, and Ms. Zhang Yueyue, the club advisor and Grade 9 Head Teacher of SHSID, delivered opening speeches on behalf of the hospital and the school, respectively. They highly praised the aims of the club members and encouraged them to continue their efforts in building a harmonious society. Representing the MFP Club, Kingsley Poon, the founder and President,  and Ms. Zhang presented thank-you trophies to Ms. Ji.

At the 20th Anniversary Celebration Party of SCMC on June 1, Kingsley and Grace accompanied the chorus of SCMC’s hospital song, "Blessing Spring". As the first program began, they once again played the beautiful melody with piano and Violin which won the cheerful applause of many children, their families, and the medical staff. Linda Yang, Sharon Yin, Sooji Li and Sherry Fan played several specially selected modern and comic piano pieces that resonated with the children. Selina Chen’s flute solo of Mozart's "Don Juan” piece, Ronald Cai’s Cello Solo "Romance", and Andrea Gao and Vivian Shi’s clarinet duet piece "Polka", demonstrated a bridge between ancient and modern musical chapters. Adelynn Tang’s female solo "Not Too Brave" and Leo Qian’s guitar piece "Sunny Day" won warm applause again and again. The String Eight Quartet of Tim Lin, Richard Yan, Antony Ho, Maureen Wu, Sally Kim, Lilian Zhou and others beautifully presented the melody of Strauss’s “The Blue Danube.” Finally, Kingsley provided a gorgeous ending for the concert with a piano solo of Beethoven’s Sonata in F Major. Radiant applause from the scene congratulated Kingsley and other club management members, Barbie, Grace and Jonathan on the success of their first off-campus charity concert this semester.

After the concert, the club members visited the hospitalized children in the orthopedic ward with well-prepared gifts and encouraged them to face their illnesses bravely and make early recoveries with a positive attitude.


(Written by 10 (1) Kingsley Poon     Pictures by 10 (1) 潘俊健        Supervised by YueyueZhang)