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Pudong Grade 4: Sports Meet Rehearsal

One, two, three, four!” In the afternoon of October 9th, there came the loud and clear voices of students and teachers over the playground of SHSID Pudong campus, who were rehearsing for the upcoming sports meet. The 4th graders set a good example for the lower graders by standing in straight lines and being highly disciplined and organized, which was of vital importance. With the guidance of teachers, the rehearsal went on without a hitch. The homerooms showed their sports meet labels one after another and shouted out their encouraging chants loudly. With vivid themes and 4th graders’ names on them, the labels from grade 4 showed distinct characteristics! After that was the exciting and energetic martial dance. Not only did the rehearsal help teachers arrange the queue and sequence for sports meet, but also helped our little athletes get familiar with the playing field and get into the groove of the sports meet.








 (Written by Yuchen Xie       Pictures by Yuchen Xie)