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Pudong Grade 1: May I Fill Your Bucket?

On Oct. 8th, 2018, grade one students at SHSID’s Pudong Campus filled each other’s buckets with tickets in during a writing activity. “Bucket filling” is a metaphor that is developed in the popular book, “How Full is Your Bucket?” According to the book, everyone has an invisible bucket.  When our buckets are full, we feel complete happiness, but if our buckets are empty, we feel awful. With this in mind, it is important to try to maintain a full bucket each day. Grade one students were all touched by the story and decided to fill each others’ buckets by sharing kind words and agreeing to encourage each other through positive actions. They wrote “bucket filler” tickets and deposited them into a box in order to spread kindness and love. Students who received these tickets would thus have their “bucket” filled. By completing this activity, students were able to take their full buckets with them outside of the classroom and spread warmth to others.






 (Written by Yuting Gao      Pictures by Yuting Gao,  Jing Zhao)