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Grade 11: College Counselling Course

The 11th graders gathered in the Xian Mian auditorium for a college counseling course on October 10th. This time, Ms. Cui gave us an overview of the application process for non-American colleges, specifically colleges in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and Japan. After the college requirement lecture, Mr. Adam Nicolich introduced the Duolingo Language Proficiency Test - an English proficiency test which shows the real levels of student’s English skills. He gave us a brief overview of the test structure and its components (which consists of a vocabulary test, picture description, being able to tell if an English word is real or not, etc.), wishing for everyone who attended the lecture to consider themselves enlightened by the information presented.


(Written by 11(8) Jamie Lim       Pictures by 11(9) Tina Chen      Supervised by Hazel Gu)