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Grade 10:Personal Growth

On October 9, 2018, all tenth grade students of SHSID gathered in Xianmian Auditorium for a weekly assembly. The motif of this assembly was to lead the sophomores into having a more objective and complete view of themselves, so that they would know who they are and what suits them when applying for colleges.

The assembly started with a review on the assignment given to the students at the beginning of the semester: posting a moment that describes, “who you are.” The teacher told the students to compare what they thought of themselves one month ago, to what they have thought now. The purpose of the assignment and activity was to make the students become more aware of who they are and what makes themselves.

Since the sophomores would be facing important decisions on their futures and college applications soon, it becomes increasingly important for them to know about themselves. A person is not defined merely by his or her test scores and academic achievements, and one’s identity should not just be an SHSID student, as the teacher claimed. Furthermore, interests, relationships, positions in the community, believes, advantages, disadvantages, etc., are all important factors contributing to who you are. Having a comprehensive view of one’s self is a fundamental step for one to plan for his or her future and to decide on ways of improvement. All students should know more about themselves and take care of their futures.

(Written by: 10(5) April Luo     Pictures and Supervised by Sophia Yang)