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Grades 11-12: Parent School

On the afternoon of October 11, the parent school opened again! The theme this time was "How to communicate effectively with high school students”, which was given by Director Liu Qin. Director Liu, who is also a high school parent, shared advice on how to communicate with students based on her personal experience as a parent as well as a teacher.

Director Liu detailed several common situations that occur during communication with the children. Parents first proposed ways to deal with two of them by completing a questionnaire. They then shared their answers and discussed them interactively. After a vivid scenario simulation and heated discussion, Director Liu’s guidance helped parents capture more key points and ideas. The latter two scenarios were discussed in groups of parents, in which they had to come up with different ideas suited to children with different characteristics. Through these activities, we hope that all parents can establish a more harmonious bond with their children and help them grow up in an active and healthy manner.

(Written by Yixin Zheng        Pictures by YixinZheng)