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Grade 9: Lecture of TOEFL Test Taking Skills

This Thursday, the ninth graders gathered in the XianMian Auditorim to listen to a speech about TOEFL test taking skills.

The speaker first spoke about the components of TOEFL and which areas students will be tested on. There are 120 points total, with 30 points in each of the following sections: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. The speaker also mentioned that students who want to go to top schools should get a TOEFL score of 100+ or even 110+. To help students achieve these scores, the speaker introduced a variety of methods. Traits that will help students succeed in taking the TOEFL test include: efficient note-taking skills, organization, reading out of curiosity, longer attention span, and mental strength.

After mock tests or actual TOEFL tests, students must analyze their scores. This is important in finding which subject acts as the Achilles heel. Spending more time on this field will improve scores. When your total average goes up, your whole score will go up too. The speaker also reminded students not to be nervous when taking the exam, or else, your whole score may vary.

After the speech, students left with more knowledge about the TOEFL exam and now have a clearer idea of how to succeed in the future.








(Written by 9(3) Penny Tai      Pictures by XieJunyu       Supervised by XieJunyu)