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SHSID Students Make Their Presence Known in 34th SHASTIC

What does a walking medical kit look like? How do micro-robots provide disaster relief? How do 360-degree walking heelies work? What is the secret inside the traditional Shanghainese breakfast? Do these questions make you feel like you’re in a science-fiction blockbuster? If you think these ideas are science-fiction, then you would be wrong. These are the scientific and technological innovations and designs of a group of 5th-8th grade students here at SHSID. During the last week of September of 2018, a group of students in SHSID used their lunchtime to show science teachers their astounding and creative ideas, and prepared for the 34th Shanghai Adolescents Science & Technology Innovation Contest. This contest is a nation-wide science competition for teenagers, which includes science and technological products and science studies projects. Last semester, students that were interested in scientific innovation followed completed science studies and projects under teacher’s instruction. The innovations that these creative students created not only required imaginative thinking, but also a method of implementation by using plausible technologies. In June of this year, students presented their thesis proposals for their projects, answering the questions proposed by the teachers, and even finding some errors in the experimentation under the instructions of teachers. After getting advice from the teachers on how to improve the projects, the students independently sought out solutions to these problems. The purpose of this activity was to make students learn how to use scientific or technological methods to make their innovations come to reality. In their papers, students need to specify their innovations, show the teachers every aspect of their inventions clearly, draw blueprints, and prove the social value and possibility of implementation of their projects. After continued thinking, trying, and revising, students finished their papers in September, and openly presented their final report in front of the teachers. Every project was creative and refreshing. Importantly, during the process of completing the project, these students became more and more interested in science. We hope these students can perform even better in the upcoming 34th Shanghai Adolescents Science & Technology Innovation Contest.