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Grades 9-10: Laboratory Safety Education

In the sixth week of the semester, the Chemistry Lab Safety Education lecture was held in each chemistry class in the 9th and 10th grade, giving students a comprehensive understanding of the chemical laboratory safety rules and basic operations. The 9th graders have just started to study chemistry this year, and will do some experiments in the upcoming school years. It is especially important for them to take three classes of time for laboratory safety learning. The series of safety education courses includes the following main contents:

(1) Learning laboratory safety rules and basic laboratory operations and signing safety rules agreement.

(2) Watching the video of the laboratory safety rules and emergencies.

(3) Identify the inappropriate lab operations through multimedia games.

(4) Complete the quiz of the lab safety rules on the Blackboard system.

(5) Learning the names and usages of commonly used chemical instruments.

(6) Enter the laboratory to familiarize with the basic instrument operation. (preparation solution, use of Bunsen burner, mixing solution in test tube, cleaning up the bench,etc.)

We hope all the students can explore the chemical world in the laboratory safely and happily.

(Written by Chen Lin         Pictures by Chen Lin)