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High School Sports Meet

Week 7(From Oct. 15th to Oct. 18th) is the annual SHSID Sports Week. During the week, high school students held various competitions and took part in different theme days. On October 18th, the Sports Meet for the high school students took place .



Spirit Week

From Oct. 15th to 17th, ASB organized the annual Spirit Week. Students from Grade 9 to 12 wore unique clothes to school according to the different themes of each day. Monday was pajamas day. Many students wore their loose-fitting garments to school, making the day more of an extension of the weekend rather than a school day. Tuesday was twin day. Students chose to wear the same clothes with one or more of their friends to make themselves look alike. Wednesday was the XXXL day. A multitude of students wore extra large clothes to school that not only make themselves feel comfortable in their clothing, but also surprised the other students and teachers. Overall, Spirit Week not only allows students to relax from their stressful academics, but also adds delight to their school life.




Tug of war & Dodgeball

On October 15, a tug of war between the 11th grade and the 12 grade was held. In each grade, both boys and girls participated. Finally, the 12th graders won the game. The purpose of the tug of war was not to give either grade a level of dominance over the other, but it was to give both grades a healthy level of competition, the rush of adrenaline, and the value of teamwork. On October 17th, the dodgeball competition between juniors and seniors was held as well. To make it interesting, judges randomly added more balls without informing any player. These two competition laid the foundation for the upcoming Sports Meet in the end of this week.




Opening Ceremony

On October 18, 2018, SHSID’s annual 9-12th grade Sports Meet finally took place after much anticipation and preparation by all students and teachers. People gathered on the red track, wearing unique costumes and proudly holding their class flags. Everyone was excited and ready to march. One by one, each class marched in with pride. As they ceased their march in front of the stage, every homeroom prepared a different performance: freshmen, sophomores, and juniors made tribute performances to SHSID’s 25th anniversary, while the seniors presented performances based on the theme of these colleges they represented. After every class lined up on the field, they enjoyed a spectacular dance number called “Another Day of Sun” from the 9th to 10th grade ASB members. Subsequently, the teachers proudly showcased the Chinese Broadcast Gymnastics and the traditional Taichi fan performance to our fellow students. Now that the Opening Ceremony of the 2018 SHSID Sports Meet was officially over, and an intense yet exciting day of competition awaits the students!





After the Opening Ceremony, it was time for the track and field events. Students participated in various races, including the 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1500m runs as well as various other field activities such as the medicine ball throw and long jump.
Students were all very excited and tried their best. For example, during the 1500m run, although the runners were tired by the last circle, they each persisted to the last meter. On the long jump stage, participants even did warm-up activities to make sure they could better their scores.
KuanHo Chen from grade 12 got an outstanding score of 10:67 in the 100m running, which broke the previous record of 11:20  that persisted since the beginning of Shanghai high school. His success is due to his persistent effort and continued dedication to training and competition. Congratulations to him!
While dozens of different behaviors and faces were displayed by the competitors after winning or losing a match, all of the competitors demonstrated strong communication between the competitor and their supporters in that moment: a friendly gesture, a hi-five or a proud smile. As it is said, sport fosters the integral growth of the human spirit, creates friendships, and surpasses borders, languages, races, religions and ideologies. The competitions of sports week have brought students more than just competitive spirit, but also personal growth in an integral way!






Following the outdoor festivities of October 18, 2018, the Sports Meet Carnival began.

There were multiple sets of volleyball games. During one, it was three students vs. three teachers. During another, students and teachers played on the same team. Finally, it was students vs. teachers. Both teams performed amazingly, but the teachers won the final game.

During the dodgeball competition, students showed their fighting spirits and won both games against the teachers.

The charity run featured four teachers who were elected by their students. Each student vote represented a charitable donation. Dressed as cartoon characters, the teachers did their best to race down the track.

In the auditorium, each class presented their carefully planned dance while passionate students cheered endlessly. The students onstage danced to many different songs, which signified the cheerful atmosphere surrounding the annual event. 




(Written by 11(1)A Joyce Xu, 11(8) Felicia Shen, 12(6)Esther,  9(1) Cheung, Max Chen, 9 (5) Jessie Wang     
Pictures by high school students, parents and teachers
Supervised by Hazel Gu, Yixin Zheng,Xie Junyu   Yang Min)