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Pudong Grade 3: From Silkworms to Silkmoths: Metamorphosis

The third grade students on Pudong campus have had first-hand experience with the process of metamorphosis!  Beginning in September, students began caring for small silkworms as part of their study of the needs of animals.  Grade 3 students know that all living things need food, water, shelter, and space.  They put their knowledge to the test by assessing the needs of the new creatures in their classrooms.  How do silkworms get food, water, shelter, and space?  This was a great opportunity for students to use their observation skills to find the answers!

As the silkworms began to grow, students had a hands-on experience with the life-cycle!  All animals go through the four stages of the life cycle:  birth, growth and change, reproduction, and death.  During the growth and change part of the life cycle, the silkworms ate and grew a lot!

Finally, the silkworms began the metamorphic stage of their life cycles.  Third graders were able to see the real-life process of the silkworms making their cocoons.  This was a very exciting time!  Students also noticed that each silkworm grew, changed, and made their cocoons at different times.  This was a great comparison to how living things all grow at different times—even humans!

After a few weeks, silkmoths began to emerge from the cocoons.  Excitement filled the classroom as 16 moths emerged from the cocoons over a two-week period.  The metamorphic changes between a silkworm and a silkmoth are amazing!

So much learning has happened in Grade 3 during the silkworm to silkmoth life cycle!  It’s fine to learn about the metamorphic life cycle in a text book, but it’s even more impactful to learn experience it in real life.









(Written by Melanie Cherry       Pictures by Melanie Cherry, Surong Chen, Haoruo Li)