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First Habitat Dioramas for the First Graders

Recently in science class, the first graders at SHSID have been learning about animals and their habitats. The science teachers asked the students to create and present their own habitat dioramas during science class on November 1st.

The teachers taught the students about six habitats in class. The students each chose a habitat for their diorama project. A shoebox and any other materials of their choosing could be used to make the diorama.

During science class on November 1st, every student came to present their diorama work to their teachers and classmates. The students were required to speak clearly and loudly. The students were encouraged by the teachers to speak confidently in public.

All the first graders worked really hard preparing their diorama and speech. They all practiced their presentations at home with their parents’ help and we hope that both parents and students enjoyed this project. Being an independent learner is an important educational goal for every one of our students in SHSID.

(Written by Jane Wu      Photos by Michelle Pu)