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Feedback and Summary on the G5-6 Chinese Native Language School-Based Textbook

Adhering to the fine tradition of Chinese teaching, G5-6 Chinese teachers used the holiday to compile a grade 5 Native Chinese textbook. Guided by the spirit of innovation, teachers have arduously collected detailed teaching feedback over the past two months to identify advantages and disadvantages from the previous edition in order to develop the next school-based textbook that is more suitable for students' needs and more aligned to humanities courses.

Although the current school-based textbooks continue to receive positive evaluations by the majority of teachers and students, there were still some details that needed to be polished and refined. The newest edition of the textbook will allow our G5-6 Chinese teachers to continue working on high academic standards.





(Text: Ms. Liu Dong      Translation: Ms. Tian Lijiao     Picture: Ms. Liu Dong)