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Grade 6: Halloween Activity

One of our favorite festivals, Halloween, has arrived! Students dressed up as many different things, like cats, witches, vampires, devils, princesses, and many other interesting characters. Some looked funny and some looked terrifying, but all looked fantastic and awesome.

Every student had a bag and received lots of candies from their teachers. Around noon, the teacher’s office was filled with students who were going around saying “trick or treat” to all the teachers.

After lunch, 6th graders had a Halloween scavenger hunt. Participants had to run around the campus to locate clues and then figure out a riddle. Members of the winning team each got a box of candy. Every 6th grader had fun with the scavenger hunt, and the steps to finding clues and running around the school filled with friends was exciting. In the end, everyone got a lot of candies, and the day ended with laugher.

(Written by 6(9)Fiona        Pictures by Mr. Johnson)