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Middle School Biology Department: Science Inquiry Class

On Nov 2nd, teachers from the Chinese Academy of Science came and demonstrated two interesting experiments for the Science Inquiry class.

The first experiment was about how to detect fingerprints at a crime scene. First, we pressed our fingers on a thin piece of white paper. Then, we put the paper and a little ball of iodine into a tube. The tube was sealed.  We heated the tube until the bottom turned violet and the fingerprint appeared on the paper. This technique was often used in the past. People now use much more advanced technology to detect fingerprints and other hidden clues.

In the second experiment, we mixed two substances together. One of the substances was hemoglobin extracted from blood, while the other was a chemical compound called luminol. When we poured these two substances together in a container, a chemical reaction occurred.  When the container was placed in dark area, the combination of the two substances turned a glowing blue color. Many detectives use this experiment to find hidden blood marks and get more clues from the crime scene.

We were all excited by the class and everyone looks forward to our next experiment.





(Written by  6(9)Megan         Pictures by Huiyi Jin)