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Grade 8: Math Lectures from High School Students

On November 1st, 9th and 10th graders gave lectures on math in the primary school auditorium.

First, Stanley and Richard from grade 10 began with tips including how we should not spend too much time memorizing theories, and to redo the problems we are given in class. We always need to aim to improve ourselves and spend our time wisely. Though they were straightforward in their explanation, the advice was delivered in a humorous fashion.

Next up were 9th graders Henry, Felix, and David. Henry made us quickly skim over the four aspects of AMC as well as s few example questions. After that, Felix delivered a more detailed explanation of AMC. He informed us about how AMC 10, AMC 12, and AIME are all extremely beneficial for college applications. Specific areas quite possibly tested on AMC include counting, probability, and geometry. Felix put much emphasis on the word "shuati", which means doing a large amount of questions continuously, and made it clear to us that practice makes perfect. David followed up with a more abstract suggestion: embrace and love math for what it is. David stressed the significance of developing math hobbies and having our own study methods.

Third, we had Yusuke, Adelynn, and Anya from 9th grade. All of them emphasized the importance of math: it is useful in all STEM subjects. They focused more on general math advice, such as "shuati", and common "life" advice as well. The three effective speeches were all instructive and the tips given were useful.

Last, but definitely not least, Eric and Edward from 9th grade provided an intricate summary of mathematical modeling. Mathematical modeling is the act of creating models in response to a real-life problem. It is difficult because it requires research, information analysis, forming hypotheses, predicting, and finding patterns. The introduction of mathematical modeling, a completely foreign term for most, was engrossing and intriguing.

After the encouraging speeches made by our stellar 9th and 10th graders, we all learned something different. We would like to say thank you to our predecessors for passing on their experiences and advice. These useful tips will definitely be taken into consideration in the future.





(Written by 8(11) Crystal       Pictures by 8(1) Lawrence         Supervised by Mr. Key)