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Grade 11: Cubing Club

In honor of the 25th Anniversary of SHSID, the Cubing Club has made the SHSID logo out of Rubik’s Cubes. Their project consisted of 100 cubes with the individual squares used to form the logo. The Cubing Club sacrificed much of their time and put quite a bit of effort to complete this project. Despite most of the members being novices when they first started, they all managed to make this beautiful product. From the proposal of the idea to the final video product, the project took a total of 2 weeks. The Cubing Club began as an academy and was turned into a club by Ms. Zeng. As an award-winner of national and international cubing competitions and the supervisor for this club, Ms. Zeng taught the students the art of the cube. She helped the students become experts, allowing them to make the product in 20 minutes. The basic premise of the club is to encourage anyone interested in the Rubik’s Cube to participate. In the future, they hope more people will become members and continue to make beautiful pictures out of Rubik’s Cubes.

(Written by 11(8)  Felicia Shen     Pictures by News Group)