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Grades 11-12: 25th Anniversary Career Day Lectures

On November 28th, SHSID held the 25th Anniversary Career Day Lecture in the Xian Mian Building. The school invited professionals from different fields to share their experiences with the 11th and 12th graders. There were a total of three sessions and each lasted for around 25 minutes. Guests from HSBC, Microsoft, and other relatively unfamiliar fields, like PE, came to hold lectures in order to broaden students’ horizons.


During the Career Day of November 28th, the school invited Mr. Du, a renowned financial expert, to talk about his experience in the field. Mr. Du started with a series of recommendations on ideal majors students can choose in college in pursuit of a job in finance, which included mathematical finance, behavioral finance, financial engineering, and even mathematics and social science. He then proceeded to introduce possible careers after graduation, such as insurance, security, or banking, and their respective benefits. After the lecture, students raised questions actively, which Mr. Du answered with valuable insight. With his thorough illustrations, Mr. Du gave the students a vivid and realistic overview of the financial realm and helped interested students better prepare themselves for their dream careers.


Banking (HSBC)
The school invited Ms. Ren to inform the students about her personal experiences in high school and university as well as the qualities an HSBC employee should have. Ms. Ren stated that in her high school and university years, she participated in the activities the school provided and took internships. Ms. Ren emphasized the importance of internships because they provide meaningful experiences for individuals and help one further understand the job. After that, she expressed the essential qualities that an employee should have. An employee should have communication skills, critical thinking skills, and good time management. They should also be independent and confident. Ms. Ren’s presentation helped the students to prepare themselves for this career path.


Accounting (EY)
Ms. Mao informed the students about the company, Ernst & Young, as well as the majors and experiences that an individual should focus on if they plan on applying to the company. Ernest & Young is a one of the “Big Four” accounting firms in the world. They cooperate with several other companies. For example, Coca Cola, Google, Baidu, and so on. Later, Ms. Mao expressed that the world is changing rapidly. She stated that before, many applicants for Ernest & Young, majored in finance. However, now, Ernest & Young are eager for applicants who majored in computer science. Lastly, Ms. Mao emphasized the importance of internships.

(Written by  12(1)B Linchelle Zhou 11(1) Emi Takeuchi 11(9)Tina Chen    Pictures by: 12(3) Thomas Wu     Directed by Yixin Zheng, Hazel Gu)