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Pudong Grade 3: Book Tasting

Research shows that students who read widely and frequently are higher achievers than students who read rarely and narrowly. The best way for students to become better readers is to read! Reading more helps add to vocabulary, increase fluency, and improve comprehension! However, some students have a hard time finding books that interest them and exploring new genres to broaden their knowledge base. In order to encourage students to become stronger readers, and to celebrate the month of reading in late November, our classrooms transformed into cafés!
During the Book Tasting, students were encouraged to “try a bite” of books to see if they liked them. Taking a taste of a book included looking at the cover of the book, reading a few pages, and flipping through to see any pictures or graphics. While taking notes on the books, students were encouraged to write down any book titles that piqued their interests.
After “tasting” several different genres, the book tasting concluded with Reflection Napkins. While snacking on special cookies from the Bibliovolumerg Café (the Café name is derived from the Greek and Latin roots for Book, Book, and Work ), students reflected on their Book Tasting experiences. They thought about the new genres they had not previously explored, questioned if anything surprised them about the books they sampled, and decided if they would like to take part in a Book Tasting again. 100% of students replied that they would like to participate in another Book Tasting event! Many students replied that the Book Tasting allowed them to explore books that they wouldn’t have picked out for themselves but enjoyed nonetheless. 






(Written by Melanie Cherry       Pictures by Melanie Cherry& Andrew Mahony& Haoruo Li)