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Pudong Grade 4: Heartwarming Charity Fair

As the old Chinese saying goes, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. A single person may not be strong enough to change the world, but if everyone shows kindness, it will make a huge difference. In doing so, students will gradually form empathy at a young age. In the afternoon of November 30th, 2018, the Charity fair was held at SHSID Pudong Campus. As one of the most renowned activities at SHSID, the Charity fair is always attractive, meaningful, and very educational. A month before the Charity fair, teachers and students from grade 4 had already begun preparing for it. Hyping up the coming activity, the promotional film played in the hallway the week before the Charity fair. The day before the Charity fair, students ran around the campus soliciting business for the big day.
The Charity Fair began at 12:40 P.M. With the help of their parents, the 4th graders started to sell interesting novelties: hand-made cookies, ice cream, small accessories, scarce plants, books, stationery and so on. Besides these products, there were also some fun games in the Charity fair: spin wins, dart throwing, “smashing golden eggs” and so on. One parent even opened a nail salon and provided the service herself! In order to help the school raise more funds, parents did their best to help students sell products.
Although the charity fair was filled with delight and relaxation, Grade 4 students didn’t forget the original intention of the fair: raising money to help children with special needs. Teachers witnessed the students’ resolution and action. Through the Charity fair, not only did the 4th graders experience the painstaking nature of making money, but they also developed their empathy, and harvested the joy of helping others.

















(Written by Yuchen Xie       Pictures by Yuchen Xie)