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Pudong Grade 1: Charity Fair

Sharing your caring is always something we want to teach to students. On November 20th, 2018, grade one students of SHSID’s Pudong campus attended their first Charity Fair event of the school year. Our students got fully prepared. Several days before the Charity Fair, students and parents were still busy making the huge poster to attract customers. Students sold what they love and were glad to share with other classmates. Some students brought organic vegetables that their families grew, others brought hi-tech screens for virtual learning. A countless number of people stopped at grade one’s table and donated their tokens in appreciation. While our students wondered around searching for another great bargain, they always remembered to sell the items in their shop, giving generously. Through the Charity Fair, grade one students learnt to share sympathy and use their own effort to make the world a better place.







(Written by Yuting Gao     Pictures by Yuting Gao, Jing Zhao)