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Primary Subjects Department: Geo Fair

During the P&B class on November 27th, grades 1-5 had a Geography Fair at Pudong campus. Our teachers and students extensively prepared for this event. Each class chose a country and prepared two related activities to attract young travelers to their nations. In addition, they also prepared delicious local food to welcome their fellow students.
During the two periods of classes, students traveled through 10 different countries: France, Egypt, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, USA, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Canada. They enjoyed the passionate music from Ireland and the curry from Thailand. The classes built Pudong’s own Eiffel Tower and experienced Samba from Brazil. The taste of French baguettes were outstanding and the Mexican chips with salsa can start any meal off right. The hotdogs from America were delicious, as were the organic and tasty sushi from Japan.
It was a lot of fun to travel around the world without leaving the school building!












(Written by Wu Xiaodong       Pictures by Wu Xiaodong)