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G5-G8|Storytelling Competition

The storytelling competition for fifth and sixth grade came to a close this Thursday in the primary school auditorium. The competition aimed to promote public speaking in a fun and interactive manner. It incorporated the art of storytelling with language-based oratory skills.

The competition was especially designed to enable students to gain confidence in writing, comprehension, and oratory English skills. For the first round, all students wrote their own stories and shared them with the class. During the second round, participating students were put into different categories based on their English levels and grades. All of them adopted creative ways to deliver their speeches. In the final round, the contestants did 3-minute presentations on stage while all of the fifth and sixth graders watched. The audience of students hailed these wonderful performances. Moreover, the school also organized a lucky draw for the audience members. The lucky audience member who correctly predicted and voted for the eventual winner received a prize from the director. The students truly enjoyed this fulfilling English story time experience.

On Thursday, November 29th, Grade 7 and Grade 8 held their yearly Storytelling Competition during their CAS class. This year’s participants were Bryce from 7(1), Chloe from 7(1), Daniel from 7(9), Eric Zhang from 8 (7), Lucy Collinson from 8 (6), Ryan Liu from 8 (8), Jason Zhang from 8(5), etc. 

From the beginning, you could feel the suspense in the air as everyone seemed to lean forward, eager to hear the next word. Camile from 7(4) impressed us deeply with her great performance on the stage. Ryan Liu from 8 (8) gave a bone chilling performance, pulling us in until we were fully submerged into his story; Crystal Zhao from 8 (11) described the scene so vividly that it felt like we were standing right next to the girl as the ghost of her mother appeared.

Every piece of art has a story behind it. So, we wanted to ask a few questions to Lucy Collinson from 8 (6) about how she found her story, “I actually came up with the idea lying in bed. The ending appeared first, then I kind of walked backwards and found the whole story”. Her story also contained a message to our present society, “You shouldn’t judge people from their appearances, people can be very different on the inside.”

We thank all the participants for taking the time to tell their stories. All of the performances were amazing and will surely keep us up all night. However, the winners of the storytelling competition were Camile from 7(4) (S/S+ Level), Chloe from 7(1) (H/H+ Level), George from 8 (4) (S/S+ Level) and Crystal from 8(11) (H/H+Level)! Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Storytelling Competition, and also to everyone else who wrote equally fantastic stories for 2018.









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