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Pudong Campus丨Priced Goods for Priceless Love

On the afternoon of November 30th, 2018, the highly anticipated Charity Fair was held in the canteen of SHSID’s Pudong Campus. Every class actively participated in the Charity Fair. Students prepared various items, such as stationary, books, toys, handicrafts, homemade delicacies, and more, for sale!

Decorated with colorful items, each stall was crowded with students and parents. Every student became an experienced salesperson, bustling with noise and excitement. Teachers also took part in the activities, making generous contributions. Everyone gave their best efforts to raise funds for those people in need. The last and most exciting event was the pie-throwing activity! Students were given the opportunity to throw a pie in a teacher’s face by purchasing tokens. This brought the Charity Fair to a climax as excitement was felt all around.

This event is all about priced goods for priceless love. All the money collected in the Charity Fair will be donated to Shanghai Healing Home and Shanghai Zhanyi Children Develop Intelligence Center. Even though the Charity Fair was only two hours long, everyone agreed it was a cheerful and meaningful event. The Charity Fair brings warmth to the cold season and fills the whole campus with love and care.









(Written by Deng Yan      Pictures by Pudong Campus teachers)