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Grades 9-10: A Special Sex Education Lecture

To let currently adolescents better understand the nature of their biology and help them better cope psychologically with the changes occurring to them physically and mentally, two renowned doctors from the Red House Hospital came to SHSID to give an Adolescent Sex Education lecture during the noon period of December 4th.
The lecture took place in two separate classrooms between genders. Both rooms were filled to the brim with eager students trying to learn more from the doctors’ explanations and wisdom, with no seat left empty as the clock struck 12:20. Through this lecture, students of both genders learned more about their sexual biology, common biological traits that develop in them through puberty, and finally how to protect themselves during a time of great change in their bodies.
This lecture led all who attended, both teachers and students, to gain large amounts of insight, and we thank all the doctors and medical staff who came to our school for this express purpose.





(Written by 9(10) Calvin Pan      Pictures by SHSID Grade 9-10 teachers)