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SHS & SHSID Bilingual Debate Tournament

The final round of 2018 Bilingual Debate Competition was hosted in Blackbox Theatre on December 4th. Just as the judges described in their commentaries, it was both intriguing and impressive. On the topic of whether the prevention of school bullying depends more so on education or laws, numerous incisive and touching arguments were made. Both the Pro and Con side of the debate, once again, proved to the judges and the audience that their teams have made it to the final round for a reason. Through a fervent exchange of rebuttals and crossfires, the Con side emerged victorious in the end. Amongst the eight brilliant debaters, Jiayi Yue was voted the Best Debater. The final round of Bilingual Debate Competition was an occasion for the interaction of two languages and divisions and served as a magnificent stage for student debaters to exhibit their mastery of debate and bilingualism.






(Written by 10(9) Lee Jae Hyeon          Pictures by SHS&SHSID Bilingual Debate Tournament Organizing Committee)