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Application Procedures

I. Shanghai High School International Division (SHSID) accepts applications from eligible students from Grade 1 to Grade 12. All prospective students are required to take the entrance activity in person at the scheduled time. Please register in the online application system, fill in relevant information, and submit all the required documents to the Admissions Office. After the Admissions Office has approved your application and the application fee has been paid, please print the Entry Pass before sitting for the entrance activity.


Please submit your application documents to the Admissions Office of Puxi or Pudong Campus as per your choice in the online application system.


II. Online Application:Apply Now


III. Subjects for entrance activity:

-For applicants of Grade 1-9: Chinese, English, and Mathematics.

-For applicants of Grade 10-12: Chinese, English, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

Each subject includes a written test and an interview.


IV. For admitted students, the principal or the director will meet with them and their parents to determine the course levels.


V. Payment of school fees: tuition fee,  school bus fee, miscellaneous fee, etc.


VI. Fill out relevant school forms and obtain the Admission Notice from the school.


VII. Application Appendix:

Candidate Recommendation Form:

Grade 1-5 Applicants, please download

Grade 6-12 Applicants, please download