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The Primary School Dance Troupe

The primary school dance troupe is composed of girls from grade 1 to grade 4 who love dancing. The troupe is taught by professional dance teachers and is composed of 40 members. Since its establishment, the primary school dance troupe has won unanimous praise from the teachers, students and leaders of our school.


Each semester, the club prepares different teaching plans and content according to the students' age and skill level, focusing on strengthening students' dancing ability. Teaching content includes elegant ballet basic training, rich folk dance material, rehearsal for program creation, etc. to comprehensively improve students' skill and performance ability. The troupe provides a stage to showcase the talent of children who like to dance and have dancing skill. In December 2015, Prince Ying and Tong Xin of the second grade won the second prize in dance during the single event of Xuhui District.