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Primary School

      SHSID provides a US-based curriculum for students from Grades 1 to 5, including English, mathematics, Chinese, science, social studies, PE, music, art, IT, personal growth, activities, and a host of other subjects. Two homeroom teachers, one Chinese and one native English speaker, share the responsibilities of daily administration in each class. Classes are taught by both homeroom teachers and other subject teachers specializing in areas that include PE, music and art. All teachers give specific guidance and counseling to every student.


      The Primary School language courses are taught at different levels according to students’ language abilities. Upon passing qualification exams, students are encouraged to move to a higher level class. Aside from regular English and Chinese courses, The Chinese and English courses include reading, writing, show and tell. Level-specific and intensive language training courses can rapidly improve students’ language ability, which lays the foundation for their future studies.


      The mathematics course in the Primary School blends both Chinese and American math teaching methodologies, inspiring students’ interest, cultivating their logical thinking, and giving them a greater multicultural understanding.

      SHSID encourages differentiated instruction, to ensure the satisfaction of each student’s particular requirement and further progress.
      Character and Moral Education is the other important part of the primary school curriculum. Students take part in a wide range of activities under teachers’ guidance, such as habit learning, sports, art, games, and science. Students will take part in many activities such as sports meet, art festival, charity fair, field trip, cultural week, etc.