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Online Application Instructions


1.Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer 8-Internet Explorer 11 are recommended browsers.


2. Please register the user account with a valid email which will be your user name and this email is important for receiving all notifications from the school throughout the application process. Both user name and password are case sensitive. Please notice that after registration, the user name and passport number can NOT be changed.


3. A 35*53 mm electronic photo is required to complete the Application Procedures. Please make sure the photos are saved as .jpg or .png and the file size should not exceed 5M.


4. The contact number filled in the application form is suggested to be MAINLAND phone number, otherwise you may fail to receive any SMS messages from SHSID.





1. Three Steps to complete the application:
    1) Register and finish the first 3 steps in the Online Application System.
    2) Hand in the application documents, checking list and appointment letter to SHSID.
    3) Pay the application fee. Please pay the non-refundable application fee after you received the conformation by Admissions Office!


2.  Notice to 2018 Grade 1 applicants:

    1) The registration for first round entrance activity (13th Jan.) is closed because of the seats for first round are full now.
    2) The registration for second and third round (17th Mar. & 12th May) will be open after Dec. 22nd, 2018.



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