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High School

      SHSID strives to offer our students high-quality courses to prepare them for their life-long development. The High School pulls together necessary resources to guarantee our students a well-rounded education experience and an equally well-balanced academic foundation.

      The high school curriculum is based on the School Mission, and provides a wide variety of curricula, including an American-based curriculum, an IB Diploma Program (Grade 11-12), and Advanced Placement course (Grade 11-12). All of these courses will prepare students for future academic opportunities.


      In the High School, students are encouraged to set their life goals and make thorough plans for their academic advancement. There are more options across the curricula to satisfy each student’s individual request. Students’ personal abilities and interests and their future plans serve as the basic guide in the selection of courses.


      Freshman and sophomore students are required to consolidate their academic foundation, while exploring different subjects and fields. In grades 9-10, core courses include Chinese, English, Math, Physics, Chemistry, World History, PE and CAS. Both freshmen and sophomores will have opportunities to explore several other academic fields too, like Visual Arts, Music Appreciation, Biology, Economics, IT, etc. Grades 9 and 10, as the starting yeas of high school, provide students with many opportunities to get to know themselves better. Flex periods include the Study Hall Program, where students manage their own time, and SHSID Academy Programs, where students with high potential enroll in different areas including, but not limited to, science research, writing, and public speaking.


      Junior and senior students have opportunities to explore subjects of their own choices in-depth without any loss in future exploration of their personal interests. With a strong pre-university curriculum, SHSID high school core courses include Chinese, English, Math, CAS and PE. Students are allowed choose subjects from different modules, including a Lab Science, a Humanities and Social Sciences, a General Studies, and a Course of Interest Module. IB and AP courses are also available for highly self-motivated student to choose. (Please refer to the IB and AP sections for details about these programs.) Most of our courses will be offered at both standard and honors level to meet the different needs of our student body. Flex periods in grades 11 and 12 are equipped with SHSID Academy Programs and other challenging programs as in grades 9 and 10. Students’ curiosity will be greatly inspired through all these and other programs at SHSID High School.


      The High School pays critical attention to students’ personalized growth and provides the foundations for their life-long development. Besides academic courses, students are always encouraged to participate in various extra-curricular activities, such as lots of clubs, charity fairs, sports competitions, performances, Model UN, debate contests, etc.